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Who am I?

Passionate about technology, I have been working for over 25 years with web-development and digital consultancy for advertising agencies, companies, and as an independent consultant.

I have and still continue working with some of the largest brands in Brazil and the world supplying them with management, planning and development services.

Road cyclist, runner, cook, and, believe it or not, an award winning baker, I enjoy keeping my brain busy. Also, whenever I have some spare time, I like to play around with 3D modelling.

Brands & Companies

My Services


Sites, internal and external systems, landing pages, email marketing, PSD2HTML, Single-page applications, APIs, and you name it.

I develop in a large number of technologies and programming languages that will most probably suit your needs.


Organize your project, determining scopes, tasks, priorities, goals and KPIs Keep in check team performance and the quality and schedule of deliverables, react efficiently to changes in priority and scope, avoid scope creep and resolve conflicts.

Viability Study

An in depth analysis of your project idea to determine whether or not it is viable within the constraints presented.

Determine the minimum requirements that will give you a fighting chance to make your project succeed.


Design a clear and detailed road map for your project. Determine time-lines, budgets, and technical requirements that will be the cornerstones of your project. Define milestones, performance indicators and prepare contingency plans to mitigate eventual problems you might face.


Focused on the performance of your teams and employees, training can be done both remotely and/or in person.

Through the of use and adoption of methodologies and processes, teams and individuals learn to work better and be more productive.

Professional evaluation

A detailed analysis of technology professionals that goes far beyond analysing technical skills.

Understand how your employees work together, identify shortcomings or underused assets and make your team shine.