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Giving back to the world

One of the main goals of these donations is to help fund a my pet project as a way to give back to the world.
The project is in it’s infancy still, I have a couple of prototypes here and there, and I am still working out data structures and technology issues.
I hope that soon enough I will get a project page up and running, where I plan of having all of my contributors listed.

Accessibility Maps

This project is kind of a Google My Business, with a focus on wheelchair accessibility.
The main goal here is to create an app that will allow people on wheelchairs to quickly identify accessible venues and paths.
The system will use an ant algorithm to determine the best paths for people on wheelchairs. (this is a very big issue in Brazil, sidewalks are usually either too small or littered with steps, posts, holes and whatever else you can imagine.
For the venues, the idea is that people with the app can, rather than “check-in” to an establishment, rate it in terms of accessibility with a quick and simple form.

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