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This site brings a view of who Gregory Brown (AKA me) is.

On it I share some of my thoughts on several subjects like coding, management, food and biking which bring a brief overview of who I am.

I also have a brief résumé of what I have done over the years both in professional terms, as well as some of my personal passions.

I hope you enjoy the content.

My last positions

Head of technology


End: Current

As a technology leader, I played a pivotal role in the successful acquisition of BX Blue by PicPay, a renowned digital bank with over 75 million users. My expertise as Technology Head of the Payroll-Secured-Loans business unit went beyond conventional responsibilities, ensuring a smooth transition and optimizing costs for enhanced efficiency.

Key Points

  • BX Blue's Acquisition by PicPay and Team Retention: In February 2023, I ensured exceptional team retention, fostering a skilled and motivated workforce committed to achieving business objectives by executing a dedicated plan with technical leadership and individual talents.

  • Optimizing Costs and Streamlining Operations: Collaborating closely with the business unit's CTO and CEO, I spearheaded strategic efforts to optimize costs and reduce expenses. My approach involved replacing off-the-shelf solutions with internally developed tools, leading to significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

  • Seamless Technology Transition: Presently, I am diligently developing a comprehensive plan for transitioning from the existing technology stack, Ruby on Rails, to PicPay's preferred stack, Java Spring Boot. This endeavor entails close collaboration with Business Managers, ensuring alignment between technology and business roadmaps, and the achievement of company objectives.

By leveraging my extensive expertise and innovative approach, I have made a significant impact on BX Blue's integration into PicPay, while also laying the groundwork for a seamless technology transition. If you seek a result-driven technology leader capable of optimizing costs and aligning technology with business objectives, let's connect and explore potential collaborations.

Digital Consultant

Gregory Brown Consulting

End: Current

My personal consulting company where I provide freelance consulting services to companies. Services include full-stack development, management, planning and team training. Over the past decade, I have worked with companies that range from small locally owned businesses up to multinational corporations and advertising agencies.

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